Devon (North Devon)

  • Origin - possibly from Roman times in southwest England but also possibly brought to the region from Africa or the middle east even earlier
  • Brought to the United States in 1623 by the Pilgrims
  • Records on the breed began in 1850
  • Sometimes called North Devon to differentiate from the South Devon breed. South Devon and the American Milking Devon are the nearest relatives
  • Ruby red (Devon Ruby) is preferred color for the breed but range from a tawny chestnut to a deep red
  • Creamy white horns with black tips
  • Medium frames and fine boned with lighter muscling than other breeds with 
  • Breed sizing 
    • Females - 1,000 to 1,300 pounds
    • Males - 1,600 to 2,200 pounds
  • Considered a dual-purpose breed but primarily a beef producer
  • Better maternal ability than most other beef breeds
  • Grazing ability
  • Quality beef production
  • Birthing stress with the larger bull and cow weights
  • Slow to reach maturity