Turfgrass Management Terms E

Edger - a tool used to give lawns a crisp, clean edge where it borders other plants or other surfaces. They can be manual or motorized

Effective cutting height - the actual height at which grasses are cut. It varies from bench setting, depending on the degree of thatch and flotation of the cutting unit

Entire - whole with a continuous margin 

Erose - irregularly notched at the apex, appearing gnawed or eroded 

Erosion - wearing away of the land by running water, wind or other geological agents

Essential nutrients – the nutrients that are absolutely necessary for plant life. Plants get three essentials: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, from water and air but rely on soil for other nutrients. Fertilizers replenish nutrients when soil becomes depleted

Evapotranspiration - combination of soil evaporation and transpiration from a plant; total water loss from plant and soil


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