Turfgrass Management Terms I

Impact testing - a measurement of the hardness of a playing surface. A weight is dropped from a given height through a guide tube. An accelerometer is mounted inside the weight and measures the maximum deceleration upon impact with the surface

Infect - become established in a parasitic relationship with a host plant

Infiltrate - filter into; the penetration of water through soils

Inflorescence - complete flowering part of the plant, including the stem, stalk and all its flowers. The arrangement of an inflorescence can often be complex, with multiple flowers coming off a single stalk

Inorganic fertilizer - plant nutrients derived from mineral rather than organic sources

Irregular - no visible pattern of damage the turf due to the disease spread

Insecticide - chemical used to destroy insects

Internode - portion of a stem between 2 successive nodes or joints

Involute - rolled inward on the upper surface 

Introduced - species which have been brought into North America 

Invader - undesirable range plants which invade and take over a range after the decreasers and increasers are largely gone


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