Turfgrass Management Terms X - Y - Z

Zero-turn mower - mower with a turning radius of effectively zero. It can pivot in a circle for more efficient mowing making it a favorite among professional lawn care providers, but do-it-yourselfers with large lawns have begun to purchase them as well, despite their high price tags. 

Zoysiagrass - genus of drought-tolerant, warm-season grasses native to Asia. The three main species of Zoysiagrass used for turf are Zoysia matrella (aka Manila grass), Zoysia tenuifolia, and Zoysia japonica. Zoysia japonica is more cold-tolerant than other common warm-season lawn grasses, making it a popular choice in the transition zone. The genus is named after Karl von Zois, an 18th-century Slovenian botanist


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